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MANLY has gone through tremendous transformation since its establishment in Indonesia in 1958. With over 50 years of expertise in design and manufacturing, MANLY represents men that dare to be different. Distinguished by details of superb craftsmanship combined with sophisticated technology to create exquisitely well-crafted goods is what define our fundamental philosophy and an ideology that is honored in every level.

With unwavering commitment to exceptional quality, we are able to pass down heritage of excellence to embody the characteristic of our long endured brand – MANLY, providing timeless and ultimate wearable fashion.

We take pride in making our products handcrafted with care.  Each one is a unique masterpiece with its tell-tale of how they are passionately sewn together to depict a world-class craftsmanship. We understand Perfection in Simplicity is what a good product is all about.

With a new technology in life, we are accessible to everyone around the globe within a reach of a button. Now, you are able to enjoy MANLY at the comfort of your own place and convenience.  So why wait later when you can enjoy now….